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We take pride in our current lamp offerings. Every item we sell is guaranteed to be authentic. We only acquire lamps and art glass in pristine condition.

For Tiffany lamps - all bases and "leading" in the shades have the original patina. You will not see any replacement glass and we try to deal with lamps with as few a heat cracks as much as possible. All accessories such as heat caps, sockets and switches are all genuine Tiffany parts.For Tiffany Art Glass - we specialize in paperweight vases and floriforms which were Tiffany Studios' finest achievements.

For Handel & Pairpoint Lamps - we only sell lamps with very strong colors and fine details. These reversed painted and puffy lamps are not as well known as Tiffany Studios. There are much fewer lamps available as these companies were smaller and less prolific than Tiffany Studios.

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