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Through the years - we were extremely fortunate to come across some of the most exquisite pieces of Tiffany, Handel and Pairpoint lamps ever produced - as well as Tiffany favrile art glass. These pieces have been placed with collectors and are now highly treasured by them.

We will highlight the features that makes all these 20th Century American Decorative treasures special - things that make them command a high premium in the marketplace. Every lamp or piece of art glass is unique. These are not mass-produced items. While they were made according to a specific pattern - certain pieces simply stand out as a result of the skills and creativity of its creator. They can be more inpired on that day - or in some cases - it may just have been an unexpected "accident of nature'' - as is true for most highly priced pieces of Tiffany art glass.

In addition - much of the value of these pieces comes from how they were treated through the years. Mint and near-mint pieces always commands a premium. As a collector or as an investor, you must learn to spot restorations and never a pay a premium for them. In some cases, the appraisal and authentication services of a professional like ourselves would be advisable.

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